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Chorus Gypsy

For every star, a hundred chorus gypsies dance, sing, and dream of a big break. It comes to some – Chita Rivera, Dawn Nickerson, Shirley MacClaine – but don't feel sorry for the others. A working gypsy can pay the bills (while the show runs!) and life backstage is like being in a big slightly nutty family,  a world of meetings, partings, temptations, and enchantments. People in a show can find each other irresistible–or insufferable.

Chorus Gypsy publishes true stories from the dancers,  singers,  actors,  musicians,  stage hands,  dressers,  and other theater folk whose stories,  unlike those of the stars,  are seldom told,  tales of laughter,  drama,  and a few tears too.

Chorus Gypsy seeks personal and original stories. They may have been told to the teller or be part of the lore of the production.  Contributors affirm that to the best of their knowledge their story is true.  If taken or adapted from a story published elsewhere, the original source must be cited.




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All stories in Chorus Gypsy remain the intellectual property of the story teller. 

To Contribute a story:
Telephone 212-532-8977. 

If you prefer paper and snail mail:
Stuart Hodes, 175 Lexington Ave #5N, NY, NY 10016

And I'll be glad to meet with anyone no more than one hour from Manhattan

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