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Abdominal etching is surgical procedure intended to contour and define the abdominal area with liposculpture techniques. This procedure improves the contour and overall shape of the abdomen, giving it muscular definition and sculpted contour. Male patient results improve the “six-pack abs” appearance, or enhances the athletic female abdominal vertical line.

Abdominal Etching $2499 * South Florida Fort Lauderdale Miami Cosmetic Surgery
*Price Does Not Include Anesthesia/Surgeon Fees
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Our Doctors:
Dr. Timothy Alexander
Dr. John Pinella
Dr. Gregory Lakin

At South Florida Center For Cosmetic Surgery, we are committed to prividing superior quality care to our patients through the use of the most innovative medical technologies available in the field. For this reason, we have conveniently placed our office in one of the most centrally located cities in Florida. If you are thinking about getting any kind of procedure done, come to our location in Florida and change your life forever.

Our plastic surgery center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is an elegant and tranquil location focused on providing the best care and technology available in the industry. Our commodities and care compares to that of large hospitals in South Florida with a staff carefully selected to meet all of your expectations and care standards.

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