3 Tips to Speed Up Recovery from Nasal Surgery | Dr. Samir Undavia

After nasal reconstructive surgery you’re going to feel under the weather. These three tips can you help make the nasal reconstructive surgery recovery process easier to deal with.

In most cases, patients report:

1) Being stuffy.
2) Having nasal crusting in the nose.
3) A swollen nose for a few weeks.

Here are three tips that will lead to a speedy comfortable recovery after nasal recovery sugery:

1) Use plenty of ointment: For the first week, you will use an antibiotic ointment like Bacitracin.

2) Use saline mist sprays excessively: Spraying nasal inside the nose every 1-2 hours can really help prevent dry crusting.

3) Use saline rinses: Using sinus rinses two to three times a day will help clear out the crusting that has formed and is “stuck” in the nose.

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