69 yo Female Total Facial Rejuvenation – An Amazing Transformation | Aesthetic Minutes #Facelift

How do plastic surgeons reverse advanced aging of the face? Can multiple plastic surgeries be combined? In this episode of Aesthetic Minutes, Dr Soares reviews a clinical case presentation of one of his very own patients to showcase the transformative power of plastic surgery in the total facial rejuvenation of a 69 yo female patient with severe facial aging leading to an amazing transformation. The approach to this patient required a comprehensive array of procedures that include a facelift, platysmal plication for necklifting, a carbon dioxide laser skin peel to resurface the face, and a trichophytic brow lift to lift the brows and smooth the forehead. #Facelift #LaserPeel #Browlift #TotalFacialRejuvenation

00:00 – Introduction
00:21 – Severe facial aging case presentation
00:27 – Examination of the aging face
00:36 – Skin quality assessment, solar elastosis, photoaging
01:38 – Carbon dioxide laser skin peeling
02:18 – Tissue laxity, jowling, neck wrinkles and bands
03:32 – High SMAS facelift technique
03:58 – Aging of the neck
04:17 – Platysmaplasty, neck lifting
04:37 – Upper face, brow ptosis, brow lifting
05:09 – Endoscopic assisted, trichophytic brow lift
05:26 – Filler injections for facial aging
05:39 – Treatment plan
06:19 – Before and after results facial rejuvenation with facelift, brow lift, neck lift, skin peel


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