Amazing Hair Transplant Success Story – Patient Testimonial (30 Years Old)

Hair Transplant Surgery (FUE Method) By Dr. Saumya Nayak At Luxor Hospital. One of the most in-demand cosmetic procedures in India right now is Hair Transplant.

Lets hear the unbelievable story from the patient himself!

A 30 year old male presented to us with Grade 4 male pattern baldness. He was very distressed with his look. He tried all kinds of treatment and medications but didn’t get the results.

Then he consulted us and after a proper consultation and examination, we suggested him Hair Transplant by FUE method! He quickly took the decision and underwent Hair Transplant.

We implanted around 4250 follicular grafts as he had a good donor area! Everything went so well as it’s a day care procedure so we discharged him the same day!

Now he’s very happy his results and much confident with his look. We’re happy to be a part of his Transformation.

Check out the video!

FUE Procedure in brief

Hair loss has become quite a big headache for both men and women these days. Also, gone is the era where hair loss was the problem of only aged and middle-aged people as premature hair loss is pretty common today. The main causes of hair loss are – the abnormal levels of androgen hormones, parental genes, stress, illness, autoimmune diseases, eating habits and medical conditions. However, there are ways to curb this problem and we at Luxor Hospital provide you with the best hair transplant in Vadodara.

We have come up with FUE Hair Transplant in Vadodara i.e. Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE is one of the primary methods of obtaining hair follicles (a group of one to four hair on the scalp). Through FUE hair Transplant, the hair groupings called follicles unit grafts are taken out from a patient’s donor region i.e. the region that has abundant hair, the extracted follicles are then transplanted in the balding regions of the patient. No need to worry, the donor region remains intact and gets back to how it was within a week or two. This is how FUE hair Transplant works. FUE hair Transplant in Vadodara is quite the prevailing taste of people as it offers certain benefits over the other hair transplant methods.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant are – Minor intervention i.e. It is not a complex process that takes days of examination and weeks of rest, Invisible Scars i.e. the small generally white scars which appears after the treatment are so tiny that they are invisible to naked eye, the other principal benefit of this method is- it is permanent in nature i.e. hair growth gets regular after it. Also, the aftercare of the treatment is easy; certain precautions with a little medication are enough. This hair treatment method not just checks your hair loss but also guarantees a natural-looking hairline.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact Luxor Hospital now to get the best hair transplant in India. Experience the hair loss treatment that we promise and we assure you, you won’t get disappointed.

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