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️DISCLAIMER️: This is a real Surgical Procedure which has some degree of risks and not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. Although complications are infrequent, for your own safety it is important that you discuss the possible risks and all safety issues with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Similar and/or permanent results are not guaranteed based on the treatment/procedure and may vary from patient to patient, based on multiple factors, including genetics and lifestyle of each patient.

CAUTION: Make sure your surgeon is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with previous experience in this particular procedure (studies show surgeons who perform a particular procedure at least once a week are less likely to develop a complication).


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Brazilian Buttock Lift is for women who desire a larger buttock or have lost the youthful roundness of their buttock due to pregnancy, age, weight loss or genetics. It is ideal for women who desire to obtain more proportion to their body due to a smaller back, and/or who want to have an enhancement with their own natural tissue (fat). The Brazilian buttock lift creates a more youthful, rounded buttock and improves upon the proportions of the back and the rest of the body. Look better in clothing… Simply look sexy!

Dr Gartner performs the procedure in his Medicare Certified Surgery Center located in Paramus New Jersey. More information can be found at

Brazilian Butt Lift New Jersey
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