Causes of Sharp pain after breast reduction | Important signs of infection – Dr. Srikanth V

Following the surgery, it is a very safe surgery and most of the times there are no complications. However sometimes some patients may end up in some complications these complications may present as a sharp shooting pain in the breast, as a redness, sometimes a fluid discharge from the suture line, it can present as a pus coming out of the suture line. These are all signs of infection. The patient may land up in fever, high blood counts. When all this is done you may have to go back to your surgeon and let him examine you and starts the appropriate treatment. In case of infection, if it is a mild infection, you will get away with oral antibiotics. If it is a more severe infection, you may need a more severe antibiotics or if it is more severe, this surgery may be indicated. As far as the other complications of this surgery are, you may not like the result, you maybe expecting a much bigger or a smaller breast than anticipated. The nipple areola may be a slight difference, the size of the breast may be a slight difference. However they are all technical issues and these can be very well corrected by a careful preoperative planning and also by going to a surgeon who is well experienced in this kind of a breast surgery.


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