Fatty Liver: 15 Signs You Have A FATTY LIVER

How do you know if your liver is in trouble? Watch this video until the end to find out 15 early signs of fatty liver!

Fatty liver occurs when your body has too much fat and cannot metabolize it properly. The fat cells are stored in the liver, which causes it to swell and build up high levels of triglycerides.
Fatty liver is often not severe enough to cause full liver failure, but this organ has the power to regenerate itself. If you eat right and take preventative measures, then you can reverse the damage.
Fatty Liver Symptoms
Your body will give you signs that there is an issue. Even though you cannot see it, your liver is speaking to you. Here are 15 symptoms that your liver is in trouble.

If your doctor has told you that you have a fatty liver from obesity or another underlying health problem, the good news is that you have the power to change things. The liver can rejuvenate itself. Did you know that if you cut half of the liver away, it will regrow?
It’s the only organ in the body that can repair and restore the damage. However, many things are required to reverse the harm. First, you need to flush the body with plenty of lemon water. Second, you need to eat a diet that is low in sodium and carbohydrates, which will quickly shed any excess pounds.
Lastly, taking an herbal supplement like milk thistle has been shown to do amazing things for your liver. You can monitor your progress by having your doctor conduct regular blood tests. Any liver damage will show up in the blood as well as through scans such as a CT or MRI.
Getting a diagnosis that you have liver problems is devastating, but through the power of nature and your determination to change things, you can reverse the damage through detox.

⏰ Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:53 Your Sleep Patterns are Chaotic
01:13 Your Skin Itches
01:36 Yellowing Eyes
02:06 You Have Memory Problems
02:31 You’re Constantly Fatigued
03:02 Your Weight is Going Up or Down
03:39 Men Develop Breasts
04:21 You Have Edema in Ankles and Legs
04:57 Your Body Bruises Easily
05:30 The Palms of Your Hands are Bright Red
06:11 Your Urine Is Dark
06:39 You’re Plagued with Dry Eyes or a Dry Mouth
07:30 Your Concentration is Suffering
08:19 You Have No Appetite
08:56 Your Belly is Swelled Like a Pregnant Stomach

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