Gynecomastia surgery markings & planning for liposuction with gland excision

Aim of #Gynecomastia or #MaleBreastReductionSurgery or #MoobsSurgery or #ManBoobs or #Pseudogynaecomastia is improving the contours of chest of men by removing excess #BreastFat & if needed extra gland tissues. It’s #BestTreatmentForGynecomastia & #PuffyNipples.
Please note , topical creams or solutions can’t help to cure gynecomastia. The only permanent solution to #MenBreastEnlargement is #surgery. It may affect one or both breasts. Patients need careful evaluation by #PlasticSurgeon for #MaleBreastEnlargement.
Dr. Bembde has evolved surgery for Gynecomastia over the years of experience to maximize patient’s comfort and help early recovery at #BembdeHospital .
Gynecomastia is very common during puberty. But it can also happen in men of old and middle age because of ageing and hormonal changes.
#GynecomastiaSurgery is usually a daycare procedure. It is performed by #PlasticSurgeons under local anesthesia with #liposuction being the most preferred procedure. Surgeon makes a small incision on each side of the chest to suck out all fats. In some patients , if the #BreastGland size is very huge, the gland is removed with a separate incision on edge of areola for better #cosmesis. #ProminentNipples or #EnlargedNipples #ProtrudingNipples & EnlargedAreola are also corrected with #NippleReduction & #AreolaReduction with liposuction. Patients are given a compression garment after the surgery to support the healing tissues.
Results of this procedure are visible almost immediately. Recovery from #gynecomastiasurgery is usually quick and many men find themselves back to their normal routine within a few days. However, vigorous exercising and heavy lifting should be avoided for a few weeks after the surgery. The results of this procedure are generally permanent.
It is really a very simple but rewarding surgery for the male & it definitely boosts his confidence, body image & self respect.
#GynecomastiaHelpline : 8805013088/8888125588.


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