My Hair Transplant Journey – The AWFUL first 4 months (in-depth walkthrough week by week)

4 months ago I had a hair transplant, and In this video I want to show you the transformation journey of the first 4 months, and show you a little bit what it’s been like.

My clinic was @AkaciaMedical in Stockholm, Sweden.
Instagram: Akacia_Medical

The first few days had me looking like a freak.
I spent the first 48 hours basically just lying still, and taking the painkillers and antibiotics I was prescribed from the clinic. I slept sitting up during night, and got around 4-5 hours of sleep each night for the first 3 days.

After 2 days I was allowed to remove the bandages. This wasn’t a pretty experience.

On day 3 I was allowed to start washing my hair carefully every day. I used products that I got from the clinic. I was only allowed to touch the head gently with my finger tips.

On day 5 I left my house for the first time, and went out in public. This is not recommended such a short time after, but I had to. Sweden was about to play in the Euro’s, and I wanted to watch the match at my friends house.
It felt really awkward having a head full of scabs out in public, but I pushed through.

On day 10 I was finally allowed to wear a cap, and was finally able to enjoy being outdoors even though the sun was shining.
On this day I was also scheduled to massage the scabs off of my head. This was a process that took about an hour. Afterwards I pretty much looked like a normal guy with a normally shaved head. Except some redness in the transplanted areas. I was chocked to actually see hair coming out of my previously bald spots.

I returned to the gym 19 days after the surgery. . Some say you should wait a month, but I didn’t.

I felt and looked good for about 20 days, but then about 1 month after the procedure it turned for the worse.
I slowly started losing the new hair. This is something that is supposed to happen, it’s a part of the process. Some call it the ugly duckling phase. Therefore, I never felt bad about it.

It wasn’t until the 3 month mark I felt that I started to look good again. Hair had started to grow back out again, and I decided to get my first haircut after the transplant. No razors or machines, just scissors. I actually thought I looked really good efter the haircut, and started to feel confident that this whole thing was actually going to work out well for me.
For each week after the haircut I looked better and better.

I’m now 4 months in, and I’m already really happy about the results. They say that the first 4 months are the worst, and that the best part starts at the 4 month mark, so I’m super excited about the following 6 months or so.

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