For today’s case, Dr. Emer is going to be looking at one of our 360 HD-Lipo male patients 13 days post-op while detailing how the procedure changed what he looked like before to what he looks like now.

This patient has undergone 2 different body contouring procedures to revise previous surgery where there was a chest lift but there still was some sagging. The chest muscle was higher up but the skin on his pecks was sagging. The skin at the bottom of his abdomen was still loose, hiding all the muscle underneath. He lacked a defined v-taper and skin tightening. We’re starting to see definition in the lateral and central portions of his stomach. The arm had skin that had to be removed all along the chest. Both a chest lift and an arm lift were performed. Some of the shoulder definition will start to come in and from the side and flanks there is very little looseness.

There was a lot of skin removed from the thigh area and that loops around to the back of the thigh which will help the look of the buttock. However, the back of the thigh can be an area that is harder to heal quicker because being right under the butt, you’re always sitting on this area and the wounds tend to want to open a little bit and get irritated, which is what he’s partially going through right now but it will heal fine and look really good with time. The thighs are tighter with the scar in the groin area. The muscle of the quad is visible already when flexing. Many people stop their tummy tuck at the side of the hip and don’t go all the way back, not addressing all the fat and looseness in the back.

Going from his before to his after is unbelievable to accomplish with minimal risk. The issue will be the downtime and recovery. These procedures do take weeks of downtime and you need to be doing recovery. There’s always things that occur like little openings in the wound and pain, so these have to be addressed with post-care treatments such as lymphatic massage, hyperbaric chamber treatments, antibiotics, scar gel.

Dr. Jason Emer suggests very intensive post-op care to all of his patients to increase results and speed up the healing process. The post-op protocol includes Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, IV therapy/hydration, radiofrequency, and Venus Legacy. Lymphatic massage paired up with the above will assist with healing and pain levels of the procedure. The patient will leave with garments to compress the procedure area as well as scar creams (which you can find at to reduce scarring from the procedure. Overall, these procedures will have a quicker healing time and reduce swelling.

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Dr. Jason Emer is a board-certified dermatologist, specializing in cosmetic, laser and procedural dermatology, including facial sculpting with fillers and hi definition body contouring transformations in West Hollywood, California. Dr. Emer is behind some of Hollywood’s most defined bodies, impeccable skin, and chiseled facial features. He is an aesthetic visionary who dares to be different.

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