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Structural issues in the nose can allow the nasal tip to drop and change the appearance of the nose and face. A droopy nasal tip is a common problem that can be repaired through plastic surgery or droopy tip rhinoplasty. Dr. Maurice Khosh is a highly-experienced facial plastic surgeon who offers droopy nasal tip correction or rhinoplasty at his clinic in NYC.

In this informational video, Dr. Maurice Khosh discusses the causes of nasal tip drooping deformities and the options in droopy tip rhinoplasty. Dr. Khosh explains the anatomy of the nose and how important the lower lateral cartilage is to support the nasal tip. When there are lateral cartilage issues in the upper nose, or columella, it can cause the nasal tip to droop. Stretching or problems with supporting ligaments can also impact the nasal tip. Dr. Khosh discusses the various options used for droopy nasal tip correction, including trimming cartilage, adding cartilage support, using sutures and septum extension. Throughout the video, Dr. Khosh shares before and after pictures of patients he has helped using droopy tip rhinoplasty at his clinic in UES.

Do you have a droopy nasal tip deformity that you would like repaired? Dr. Maurice Khosh is a talented facial plastic surgeon who can perform droopy nasal tip correction at his NYC clinic in UES.

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