Signs You Have a Deviated Septum

Very often, people don’t realize how poorly they are breathing or how much better they COULD be breathing. There may be signs that come up in your daily life that indicate your breathing issues are a result of a deviated septum. Try this easy test at home to see if you have a deviated septum.

A deviated septum, whether from birth or caused by some form of trauma, can affect one’s overall quality of life — their sleep, athletic performance, social activities, and lead to low energy and poor concentration.

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Dr. Kian Karimi is double-board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. Together with his team, they combine exceptional skills, extensive experience and the latest technology to deliver the most natural and beautiful results possible for their patients.
The staff at Rejuva Medical Aesthetics works with the physicians in performing the most advanced minimally and non-invasive cosmetic techniques as well as plastic surgery to help patients look and feel younger. Starting with the consultation, they work closely with patients to develop and implement a customized care plan to achieve a desired look. Their goal is to provide the best services possible in a calm and relaxed environment.
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