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In the Cosmetic Industry the audience whose age range in their 30’s and 40’s are in a bit of a grey area. You show signs on age, but yet you may think the surgical option is too much for you. Well, today CEO and Head Plastic Surgeon at Wave Plastic Surgery, Dr Peter Lee stops by to educate us on The BEST Anti-Aging Treatment to get in your 30’s and 40s.

Depending on the features you have, we can perform a variety of treatments. For some people who wants an overall lift everywhere, we can use a machine called Ultherapy. It’s our first-line, Energy- based , Skin-contraction machine. Ultherapy uses ultrasound to cause Collagen Neogenesis to lift up the skin somewhat. If that’s not enough, we can use Ultherapy in combination with a Thread Lift.

Strategic areas such as lines, whether it be your Nasolabial Fold, or Marionette Line we can utilized fillers to fill out the hollowness, or threads to stimulate collagen and create a lifting effect.

With the forehead, sometimes the eyebrow can become saggy and cause eyebrow sagginess… we can use botox to raise up the eyebrow, and therefore provide an improved youthful look.

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